Who We Are:

The TS Institute, established in 2009, is a foundation committed to creating a stronger, more financially, savvy future generation through a K-12 financial literacy program. The TS Institute is a partner and advocate for financial literacy of all ages.

In the United States today, families are faced with critical financial decisions now more than ever. The TS Institute is a resource to help families handle decisions concerning the economy, education and most importantly, personal finance with expertise. We are taking a long-term approach to solving financial pain while helping create a more financially savvy future generation.

“The TS Institute is a leader as a privately funded financial literacy program that combines local community banks with local school districts to develop a financial literacy program for the students. With the involvement of each participating school administration, the goal is for the program to surpass the Iowa Department of Education’s 21st Century skills mandates, so each student is a step ahead.”

 -TS Institute Director, Bob Mantell

Why We Started:

It is our belief that an overall lack of financial literacy and education, and not a housing bubble, was the root cause of the 2008 economic crisis. Thus, the TS Institute was formed to create and implement a comprehensive K-12 program that will serve as an initiative which will be replicated in other school districts.

TS Institute Pillars:

  • Personal/Consumer Finance
  • Banking & Financial Markets
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Economics
  • Business Finance
  • Entrepreneurship

Primary Focus Areas:

  • K-12 curriculum integration that meets/exceeds Economic & 21st Century Financial Literacy standards.
  • Create a support infrastructure to compliment classroom learning (in-school banking, after school programs, etc.).
  • Implement assessment tools to measure student improvement.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and assist in delivery of the program as needed.

Our Vision:

The desired outcome is to one day have a previous student walk in our office and say, “After many successful years in my business, I want to give back to my community as a result of the difference the Institute made in my life.” The end result of the program is to not only fulfill the needs of today’s students, but to provide financial literacy for multiple generations.

Join Us:

The TS Institute invites other community banks, community leaders, private businesses, and non-profits to join the cause and sponsor their local school district.  To learn more about getting involved contact one of our representatives here.