TS Bank Cardinal Branch

The TS Bank Cardinal Branch, an elementary student bank was launched in September 2010.  Students have already surpassed their initial savings goal of $6,000 to an impressive $21,000 and deposits are still growing!  A middle school student bank was also launched at Treynor Community Schools this school year.  Similarly, TS Institute’s first high school student bank opened this fall of 2012 at Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs, IA.

Students in the program competed in the National Financial Capability Challenge: Pre-curriculum: 5 students (10%) in Top 20 Percentile (Nationally); One year of curriculum: 27 students (50%) in Top 20 Percentile.

National Lemonade Day

The theme “refreshments for a good cause” was coined by local media, while about 11 first graders worked hard to sell their lemonade to passersby.  But these Treynor Elementary students were not just celebrating Lemonade Day, they were one of a number of groups hosting lemonade stands to raise money for a local family whose father had been injured in Afghanistan.  The TS Institute sponsored this event. It honored the principles of financial literacy and entrepreneurship – both of which are a primary focus for TS Bank and the TS Institute. Second, they not only understood the importance of hard work and planning, but they instinctively knew to give back.


“The Treynor Board of Education and administrative team are excited about the commitment from TS Bank to expand our school and business partnership within our community. It is truly a unique opportunity for our school district for the Guttau family and TS Bank employees to offer their resources and support to ensure that all Treynor students are exposed to essential skills in the area of financial literacy,” states Kevin Elwood, Superintendent.

“We are all looking forward to learning from this partnership and how this program may be used in other Iowa schools,” remarks Nadene Davidson, Interim Head of the Department of Teaching & Director of P/K-12 Collaboration and Innovation at the University of Northern Iowa.