TS Institute and TS Bank are one of nine banks nationally to receive this award. We are very honored to partner with America Saves and believe wholeheartedly that financial education and savings education will in fact change the American financial landscape.

Below is a description of the America Saves Designation of Excellence Award.

New for America Saves Week 2015, America Saves is recognizing banks that go above and beyond to encourage people to save money during America Saves Week with the America Saves Designation of Excellence. America Saves Week is an opportunity for banks to encourage individuals to save money – with an emphasis on reaching low- to moderate-income families. America Saves will recognize exceptional banks that succeed in promoting savings or other wealth building accounts and have high levels of accounts opened or added to during America Saves Week. America Saves will recognize not just one, but all banks that achieve excellence during the week at the America Saves National Savings Forum.


This recognition will be primarily based on aggregate account activity results during America Saves Week (either the week or the month of February). Banks will be compared with other banks of similar asset size. Specifically:

    • Number of customers opening savings (or other wealth building) accounts
      • Amount saved to accounts
    • Number of customers adding to savings (or other wealth building) accounts Amount saved to accounts
      • Amount saved to accounts
    • Number of customers setting up automatic deposits to a savings (or other wealth building)

We know that promotion of accounts is key to gaining new customers and additional deposits. Therefore, we will also take into account:

    • Account incentives offered
      • Gifts or bonus incentives for opening accounts
      • Gifts or bonus incentives for adding to accounts
      • Special interest rates for opening accounts
      • Prizes or drawings
      • Promotional methods
        • Published press release/held press event
        • Broadcast program appearances
        • Public service announcements
        • Paid or donated advertising
        • Held community events
        • One-on-one financial counseling
        • Financial education workshops
        • Reached out to business customers to encourage employees to save
        • Included information on website
        • Internal/external publications
        • Distribute posters/flyers
        • Postal mailings
        • Sent emails
        • Utilized social media

*Information used with permission from America Saves. For more information about this award please visit America Saves.

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