The Great Piggy Bank Pageant during America Saves Week!


On February 17th at Franklin Elementary there was an electric buzz. Benjamin Franklin and Mayor Matt Walsh were visiting for a very important purpose. They promoted savings and signed an America Saves Week proclamation. After that all the third grade classes at Franklin received a piggy bank to decorate for the pageant and a short lesson on saving money. Please see the attached news release and KETV interview for more info.

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KETV Interview

Wilson Jr. Jacket Branch Opens for Business

The Wilson Jr. Jacket Branched opened for business on September 17, 2015. Middle school students were lined up to make their deposits and save their money. It was a great day!

The Wilson Jr. Jacket Branch will link Rue’s Jr. Jacket Branch and Thomas Jefferson’s Yellow Jacket Branch making the in school banking program K-12. This linkage is the first in Iowa and second in the nation.

Please read all about it in the link below.

Wilson’s Jr. Jacket Branch

2015 America Saves Designation of Excellence

TS Institute and TS Bank are one of nine banks nationally to receive this award. We are very honored to partner with America Saves and believe wholeheartedly that financial education and savings education will in fact change the American financial landscape.

Below is a description of the America Saves Designation of Excellence Award.

New for America Saves Week 2015, America Saves is recognizing banks that go above and beyond to encourage people to save money during America Saves Week with the America Saves Designation of Excellence. America Saves Week is an opportunity for banks to encourage individuals to save money – with an emphasis on reaching low- to moderate-income families. America Saves will recognize exceptional banks that succeed in promoting savings or other wealth building accounts and have high levels of accounts opened or added to during America Saves Week. America Saves will recognize not just one, but all banks that achieve excellence during the week at the America Saves National Savings Forum.


This recognition will be primarily based on aggregate account activity results during America Saves Week (either the week or the month of February). Banks will be compared with other banks of similar asset size. Specifically:

    • Number of customers opening savings (or other wealth building) accounts
      • Amount saved to accounts
    • Number of customers adding to savings (or other wealth building) accounts Amount saved to accounts
      • Amount saved to accounts
    • Number of customers setting up automatic deposits to a savings (or other wealth building)

We know that promotion of accounts is key to gaining new customers and additional deposits. Therefore, we will also take into account:

    • Account incentives offered
      • Gifts or bonus incentives for opening accounts
      • Gifts or bonus incentives for adding to accounts
      • Special interest rates for opening accounts
      • Prizes or drawings
      • Promotional methods
        • Published press release/held press event
        • Broadcast program appearances
        • Public service announcements
        • Paid or donated advertising
        • Held community events
        • One-on-one financial counseling
        • Financial education workshops
        • Reached out to business customers to encourage employees to save
        • Included information on website
        • Internal/external publications
        • Distribute posters/flyers
        • Postal mailings
        • Sent emails
        • Utilized social media

*Information used with permission from America Saves. For more information about this award please visit America Saves.

Click here to see the news release.

TS Institute Receives Money Smarts Banky Award from the Institute for Extraordinary Banking®

TS Bank was named one of the top eight extrao2014-08-21 emmerich 01268rdinary banks in the United States by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking® at the recent Profit‐Growth Banking Summit held in Chicago, IL.

TS Bank was recognized with the Institute’s Money Smarts Banky® Award for Financial Literacy Education as a result of their extraordinary service to their clients and their community through a commitment to financial literacy programs, including the TS Institute part of the TS Banking Group, which serves K‐12 students in their
community and beyond.

“It is an honor to receive such an award and to be able to provide a unique and authentic opportunity for students and community members to deepen their understanding and application of financial literacy skills,” stated Bob Mantell, Director of the TS Institute.

The Banky® Awards exist to highlight the vital role that local, community banks play in our economy. The Bankys® recognize the best of what community banks offer to our cities, towns and our nation. Bob Mantell, Director of the TS Institute accepted the award from Roxanne Emmerich at the Profit‐Growth Banking Summit in Chicago, IL.