Elementary & Middle School

secret millionaire's club

    • This entrepreneurship opportunity is for students ages 7-16. Students are asked to create a business that provides a new and unique product or service. There are 4 rounds of judging, and if selected the semifinalists get to spend 3 nights in Omaha fully paid for with a chance to win $5,000.
      • This poster contest is for grades 1-6 and will stimulate students’ interest in economics. Posters are generally due in November. Please e-mail Vicki above for more contest details.
      • Econ Concepts Poster Contest 2015


Elementary, Middle School, & High School

    • The Stock Market Game is an online simulation that teaches students the ins and outs of how the New York Stock Exchange works. In this exciting online tool students receive $100,000 to buy and sell stocks and bonds. Students compete against other students in the state to be called “trading guru.” Click here for tools to teacher / facilitate the Stock Market Game.
    • Money Smart Week® is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances.
    • Look for:
      •  Ben Franklin visits in the elementary schoolsMSW
      • A poster contest for grades 2-6 ($200 prize)
      • An Essay contest for grades 8-10 ($1,000 deposited into a 529 college savings account)
      • Scout Nights – teaching basic money concepts


Middle School & High School

  • Give Yourself Some Credithttp://consumerjungle.org/contests/previous-contestsgive some credit

    • Give Yourself Some Credit is a video contest sponsored by FEFE and Experian where 6th-12th grade students are asked to create videos about credit. The top 5 winners will receive a flip video camera and $500.

  • Econ Challengewww.econchallenge.orgecon challenge

    • This economics online challenge is offered to Iowa schools by the Center for Economic Education. In this challenge students compete against other students in the state for the opportunity to travel and compete at UNI’s campus to determine the state wide winning school. State wide winners then have the opportunity to compete nationally in New York. Winning teams receive a medal.

  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Contest – http://consumerjungle.org/good, bad, ugly
    • This contest is for individuals ages 12-25 to write an essay about their money mess-up. The essay should entail: what happened, what you learned, and how to avoid the money mess-up next time. There is a grand prize $100 Amazon car and 3 runner-ups get $50 Amazon card.


High School

  • Financial Know How Challengehttp://www.studentloan.org/Docs/News-Releases/IA-Financial-Know-How-Challenge-Winners.pdf

    • Iowa Student Loan in partnership with the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Jump$tart Coalition, Junior Achievement of Central Iowa, and Iowa College Access Network, offered this challenge. Students went through the “Student Loan Game Plan” where students made college planning decisions in which they competed against other students and schools. The top 30 schools received $1,000.

  • iFliphttp://www.iowacollegeaid.gov/Highlights/videochallenge2013.htmliflip

    • Open to students 9th-12th grade, this video challenge could include no more than 5 students, be no longer than 5 minutes long, and must contain financial literacy related content.

    • Winners received $250 each and the school received $1,000.

  • Lights, Camera, Save!lights camera save

    • This is a multimedia event hosted by the ABA with submissions due in November. This 90 second commercial contest focuses on helping teens saving their money. Check out www.aba.com for more details. Prizes are as follows:

    • 1st Place – $3,000 for student & $1,500 for school

    • 2nd Place – $1,500 for student & $1,000 for school

    • 3rd Place – $500 for student & $500 for school

  • Get Smart About Credithttp://www.aba.com/ABAEF/Pages/getsmartaboutcredit.aspxget smart about credit

    • The Get Smart About Credit is sponsored by the ABA Education Foundation and is a national campaign of volunteer bankers who work with young people to raise awareness about the importance of using credit wisely. Included in this presentation: credit, credit reports, credit scores, and identity theft.

    • Please send us a message here to schedule a credit presentation in your classroom.



  • Financial Literacy FairTS Institute-01

    • Hosted by TS Institute this Financial Literacy Fair is for any educator wanting more resources relating to financial literacy. At these day long workshops teachers will be exposed to a number of resources and subject matter experts who can assist them in delivering content in their classrooms. Teachers, come out and see the latest and cutting edge free resources on the market.