Winning the Money Game: A Rule Book to Achieving Financial Success for Young People – by Adam Carroll
This book is a great resource in teaching students about debt and how to build wealth. Adam give practical examples from his life in how he turned his financial situation around.

About the Author:
My name is Adam Carroll and I would describe myself as a serial entrepreneur, a lifelong learner, a teacher, and a challenger of the status quo. I have been a professional speaker and seminar leader for the past 10 years – my target audiences generally being students and young professionals. My company National Financial Educators does financial literacy education and consulting with educational and financial institutions, as well as companies looking to expand their employee’s financial literacy.I believe strongly in the following philosophy:
1. It’s better to build a bigger LIFE, not a bigger lifestyle.
2. If you do for two years what most people won’t do, you’ll do for the rest of your life what most people can’t do.
3. We have four legacies to leave future generations: Money Freedom, Time Freedom, Relationship Freedom, Service Freedom.

What All Kids (and adults too) Should Know About … Saving & Investing – by Rob Pivnick
This book is a personal finance book that teaches young adults vital money concepts with vocabulary words, fun facts, “Did you know?” sections and 14 key takeaways. Examples, colorful charts and graphs from expert sources bolster the information. It aims to help students develop proper habits for saving and investing for the long term. Not get rich quick. Topics include budgeting, debt, setting goals, asset allocation, inflation, risk/reward, active/passive strategies, indexing, investment horizons, diversification, building a portfolio and more. Visit for more information. Discounts provided to non-profit organizations and schools – please contact author directly.Also, check out the free worksheet that comes with the book. Find that here.

About the Author:
Rob Pivnick is an investor, entrepreneur, attorney, residential real estate investor and financial literacy advocate. Rob has both a law degree and an M.B.A. from SMU in Dallas, TX. He is a member of the board of directors of the Texas affiliate of the national Council on Economic Education. Professionally, Rob is in-house counsel for Goldman, Sachs and Co. and specializes in finance and real estate.