Stock Market Game

Resources to equip you to teach/facilitate the SMG at your school can be found below:


InvestWrite Essay Contest

  • Dozens of teachers and students who have participated in The Stock Market Game essay competition have made a trip to New York City! InvestWrite is easy to bring to your classroom. Your students write essays based on what you are already doing while participating in the Stock Market Game.
  •  It’s very easy to get started by just going to the website:
  • The first place InvestWrite prize for the middle and high school winning teachers and students is a three day/two night all-expense paid trip to New York for a true to life “Wall Street Experience”.
  • Elementary teachers and students also have a chance for great awards and recognition. First place winning teachers receive a $750 gift which can be used for professional development or classroom items of your choice.  Elementary students have the opportunity to win a laptop computer and a digital camera.
  • Find the essay guideline HERE.